We strive to ensure that our business costs the planet as little damage as possible.



The choice of partners


We sew our things in small factories in Moscow. In this city we live and from here we send you orders. By shortening the supply chain, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint.


In addition, by supporting local business, we contribute to the development of our region. If there will be more good local production, more companies will place their orders closer to home, and not in another part of the world.



Choosing partners, we are always interested in how people work in this company. What does the workshop look like? Does it have windows and ventilation?





All of our packaging is reusable. These are linen bags and shoppers, which we sew both from new fabrics and from defective material. We buy the latter from suppliers (usually these rolls are the first candidates for recycling).



Often we buy from our suppliers fabric with minor defects. Usually, these rolls are bought out worse than others and are loyal candidates to be disposed of after a certain time.




We support the eco-initiatives of our friends and partners - собиратор.рф, @pokolenie_zero etc.


Our values


We profess a respect for nature not only in working projects, but also in everyday life. We sort the garbage, go to the store with our reusable container, read the labels and choose the ethical one.


What we would like to fix


Now we are buying fabric that was produced not in Russia. Alas, we did not find the fabric of decent quality that we needed in our country.


Also, we are not always happy with the packaging from the delivery service. We are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives, but there is no decent option yet. The first packaging requirement is the safety of your package. All the eco-friendly options that we found do not meet this condition, especially when sending to other cities.



And of course, we dream of working with a production that is 100% transparent and meets our requirements. We plan to create such a production ourselves.


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